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Monday, November 19, 2012

Soo...  I honestly don't know were I should start. I really want to get a blog started because it will be helpful in the future when i want to look into the past . I guess it could be  called a diary but i'm typing not writing so it can be called a .... cyber diary or something lol. Ill figure this out but my goal is to wright something new everyday and maybe if I don't have anything to write about then i'll think about something productive to do. I just want my 'life' or some parts of my life to be written down some were. I'm obviously not going to write everything about  my life because then we would be getting to personal there lol. I just want my life to be not as boring. In fact my life is starting to be more busy..if you will .. lol. I have a lot of things planed that I want to do soon. Along with this blog I will be having "bucket list". There is just things in life that i might want to do this year or 10 years from now that i wouldn't be able to remember off the top of my head. There is so many lists that i have started but somehow they just end up running away with all the ideas I had written down.I know it wont be easy writing everything down at first but hopefully ill get better at writing things down on here and eventually get the hang of it <3

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