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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Putting Together A Living Room

                                             Today's entry will be about interior design 
In the near future I will have to move out and move on , on my own. It will be hard to do so. I enjoy interior design so I have already decided on the theme that I would like to have when I have my own place. I like modern designs but I also like antique designs, At first I wanted all the furniture to be black. As I grew i realized that black, thick, bulky might not be the best idea. I feel that if i do go for thick black bulky furniture I'm going to have no room and I'll be depressed all the time. I have seen more interior designs and i really like the modern that consists of more white furnitre. I personally dont want white furniture because it gets dirty really easily. But the fact that i want a hint of a antique feeling to the theme i want everything to be a slee of white color. I will post pictures of all the themes and furniture that I like.
This picture for example is something I really like. The table isnt a white color , its more like a creamy white color. The bottom of the table gives the "look" a edgy modern "look" or "feel". I dont really like the chairs so much. I would change the chairs to a different desgin or change the wooden feet to it. In general this something I like.

This other picture is a good example of the pop of colors. My plan is to have creamy furniture but with a pop of color here and there. The rug, the pillows and the curtains have a pop of color and that is exactly what I want. Depending on what color I want i can change out the curtains, the rugs, and the pillows to a red or purple or black with out having to worry about painting the walls or changing out the furniture.This picture is also a good picture that shows the feeling of modern but antique at the same time. The table in the middle is is very modrn and very sleek but the sofas and the chairs five a antique "feel" to it. The thins i don't like about this picture is the color of the walls.

Carmen Ottoman

Carmen love seat

Carmen Sofa

Carmen Chair
I was in Pier 1 imports website and i came across these sofas. I think they are super cute. I really like these. There is different shades, There is the "Ecru" and there is also the "Flax". At first i didn't know what it was but i was reading and Flax is a little darker than the ecru. i personally prefer the Ecru. Carmen Ottoman=269.99. Carmen love seat = 599.99. Carmen Sofa=699.99 . Carmen Chair=549.99
Another good sofa can be this one right here. Its sold in Ikea for $459.99. The name of this sofa is Samuel.To be honest I like Carmen a little better because if the studs that it has, it gives it a little bit of edginess to the sofa. But I also like Samuel because of the material. In the pictures it seems to be shiny which to me it seems like if you were to accidentally spill liquids Samuel wouldn't absorb as easily as Carmen. Carmen has more of a cotton-like material which can easily get stained especially if it white .

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