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Thursday, November 14, 2013

DIY Minnie and Mickey Bookmarks

 I came across a picture of Minnie and Mickey bookmarks made out of some type of fabric material . I thought they were the cutest thing ! Its a nice His and Hers gift for a couple that likes to read books. I thought I would re-create it and give it my own twist to it, and here it is ! Ta Da !

You will need : Black paper, red paper, scissors, and glue, white piece of paper, and a hole puncher.

Step 1: Cut out to identical rectangles from both the red paper and the black paper. I did not measure mine, I just eyeballed it. The bigger the rectangles the bigger the bookmark itself will be. 

step 2: Now that you have two black and red rectangles, your going to want to cut one of them in half (horizontally) .

step 3: Now, your going to take a small red rectangle and lay it on top of the lower part of the bigger black rectangle. Your going to want to the same thing on the big red rectangle and the small black rectangle . place the small black rectangle on the top half of the big red rectangle . So you have something that looks like this :

step 4: glue together 

step 5: now that you have them glues down . glue down the big red rectangle and black rectangle together. Just make sure that you glue them black to back and the smaller rectangles are on the outside, Your also going to want to make sure that the bottom of both sides and red and the top of both sides are that you have the "body" done , put them aside so that you can get started on the ears.

step 5: draw four circles on a separate piece of black paper . To get that nice straight edge, i used my glue stick cap. 

step 6: cut out the circles 

step7: place the circles on the top corners of the body on one side .

step 8: flip the body over and glue the circles on the top corners again, make sure that your ears are on point 

step 9: take out your white piece of paper and start hole punching 

Step 10 place the circles on the red part of the body . If your doing Minnie your going to want to have a couple of the white circles . If your doing mickey your going to only need two. In my case i used 12 white circles for Minnie, 6 on the back and 6 in the front. For Mickey I used 4 white circles, 2 in the back and two in the front 

If your doing Minnie then your going to want to cut out two boys and place the in the between the two ears , front and back 

The reason why I did this bookmark they way I did was because I wanted to add weight to my bookmark. I  didn't want my bookmark to fold easily. I also did two "bodies" because i didn't want one side too fell heavier that the other or to feel the bumps either.. I did it the way I did it so that the bookmark itself would be equally balanced. . When it come to the ears I didn't want you the ears to be showing just on one side that why i cut out four ears to make them double sided. I don't know if it makes sense but it makes sense in my head lol and the bookmark came out the way I wanted to.

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